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Here are pictures of various handcarved wood items (or, will be when we get them back up). Being handcarved, no two are exactly alike. However, every effort is made to keep them all looking as much like the pictures as possible.

Currently the moons come in four styles: with beard and mustache, without beard and mustache, with beard and mustache plus painted Santa hat and with a skull face. They come in three sizes and they are currently made from three kinds of wood: red oak, maple and pine.

The prices vary according to the kind of wood, the size and the style. For price chart go here.Some crystal prices are also on the same page.

You can also choose whether you want it stained or not.

They are mostly sold with crystals though you may opt for just the moon without the crystal. The Santa moons are mostly sold with a snowflake shaped crystal though you may opt for another crystal or none at all.

Eye has also recently added a new design of