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The lighter cases pictured below ( or will be when we get the pictures back up) are not meant for rough treatment as the beads are glass and can break if dropped on concrete or rocks. Even when replacing a lighter it is possible for beads to break, though this usually doesn' t occur.
Our lighter, in the case with the triple goddess symbol in red, yellow and green, is used once a day most days, twice a day on two days a month and all day on one day a year.
Butterfly made it almost ten years ago yet at this time it is missing only two beads.
If treated properly they will last a very long time

They are made for a standard size Bic lighter.

We recently discovered that our website had been hacked and bugs had been placed on three pages. We have removed all three pages and are in the process of redoing them. This is one of those pages.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

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