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If for any reason in the first 30 days you want to return a product you may do so either for exchange or full money back refund. Including reimbursment of postage costs.

If your lower priced necklace or bracelet with plated findings should ever break you may return it one time to be repaired free. Or if it does not break but the plating rubs off of the findings,as it will, you may return it one time for a free overhaul. This is a one time only repair or overhaul guarantee.

After this first free repair or overhaul and after an additional 60 day guarantee against defects you may again return it to us for repair and/or overhaul. For such subsequent work there will be a $5.00 handling charge plus retail cost of materials and postage.

If a necklace or bracelet with higher priced stones and sterling silver or gold fill findings should break within the first 60 days we will repair it for free.

Should said necklace or bracelet break after 60 days we will repair it for $5.00 plus postage and the wholesale cost of materials.

This is one time only. Any subsequent repairs will be $5.00 plus the retail cost of any materials. Except within the first 60 days following repair, during which time the guarantee against defects is in effect.

Please remember the length of your necklace or bracelet. This information may be important should it ever break or need repaired. Also, some stones may not be replaceable. For this reason, if your necklace or bracelet should break, you should make every effort to retrieve as many stones as possible..

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