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At the bottom of this page are pictures of the stone chips that we have to offer (or there will be when we get them back up). Currently, any necklace made from these stones with a plated clasp and measuring 12 to 16 inches is being sold for $10.00.
Under 12 inches figure 83 cents per inch. Over 16 inches figure 63 cents per inch.

Please be as precise as possible when describing the pattern that you want. We can work with you on your pattern, even to the point of e-mailing you pictures of pattern variations.
If you would like a sterling silver or 14k gold fill clasp the price will, of course, be a bit higher.
For sterling silver lobster claw clasps add the following:

Gold fill clasps plus other styles of sterling silver clasps will be up soon. Also pictures, we hope.
If ordering S.S. or G.F. findings also please specify whether you would like it put together with a split ring (aka: spring ring) or a soldered jump ring.
Split rings pull apart easily, which can be a good thing in situations such as if you have a small child who may pull on your necklace. The split ring will give before other parts of the necklace, thereby possibly saving clasp, wire and/or stones.
If you opt for split rings we will send an extra set with the necklace or replace for free one time at any time during the lifetime of the necklace. Basicly free: you pay for shipping it to us and we will cover the cost of returning it to you.
Specify at time of order whether you would like the extra set of split rings.
Soldered jump rings hold together much longer. A good yank would be more likely to break the wire and/or the clasp. And it would hurt your neck more. But if you are not overly concerned about your necklace being yanked on we would suggest the soldered jump ring as they do last longer.

All jewelry made with plated findings are assembled with split rings. Plated jump rings are not solderable and split rings hold together better than unsoldered jump rings.
When figuring the length keep in mind that the finding could add as much as an inch.
And, of course, we put the necklace or etc. together.

A lot of people believe that stones have certain energies which have particular effects on us and on our surroundings. Others may not believe this but do have an interest. For those who believe, or those who are merely interested, we provide a list of the stones we have at this time and a brief look at their supposed energy qualities. To see this list, click here.

To see some necklaces that we have designed for specific metaphysical purposes, go here.

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