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Tony was our constant companion from 1993 till 2008, Thor has been our little monster since 2009.
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For more about us visit our blog. Note that by going to our "blog" you will be leaving this site. There are, however, plenty of links at that site back to this one.

We are currently making a lot of changes with our pictures but hope to have them back up again soon.

On St. Patrick's Day 1996 we left our home in Redding, CA and hopped a freight train intending to make a visit to Tucson, AZ. We ended up in Portland,OR. We frequently joke that our map was upside down.

After a couple days in Portland we hitched down the coast of Oregon to Eureka, CA and then across to Redding. Things went a lot better than they had in a long time. So we sold, gave away and threw away everything in our apartment, bought a tent, sleeping bag and backpack and set out.

Of course we found that we still needed some money so we started making and selling bead and hemp fashion wear.

In August of 1997 we found ourselves again in Portland. On this occassion a very nice lady gave us a van. That is the van we still have all these years later. It's very nice to have though maintaining it requires us to make more money than we can from seed beads and hemp.

The next best thing happened to us when we found the Tucson Gem Show. Each year we spend as much as we can at the gem show. Then we sell as little as possible through the year. This way we have built up our stock.

Anyway, here are some pictures we put up just so that you will have something to look at.

We hope to have our pictures back up again soon.

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