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This page will contain pics of jewelry designed specifically for metaphysical purposes. We have the following specially designed necklaces. Hopefully, the pics will be back up soon.

Lapis/Amethyst-consciousness altering and general ritual

Smokey Quartz/Clear Quartz/Rose Quartz-meditation

Carnelian/Rose Quartz-enhance love relationships

Leopardskin Jasper/Smokey Quartz-kicking addictions

Labradorite/Garnet-consciousness expansion

Picture Jasper/Amazonite-increase artistic inspiration,improve artistic ability

Rose Quartz/Mother of Pearl-emotional calming and protection

Carnelian/Moonstone-especially for women

Leopardskin Jasper/Snowflake Obsidian-achieving potential

Mohogany Obsidian/Hematite-activism

Mohogany Obsidian/Leopardskin Jasper-activism, aid in achieving goals

Malachite/Tiger Eye-travel, business

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