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    Due to modern mining, production and distribution practices, stones arrive with a great deal of negative energy attached . Therefore, when we go shopping for stones we each carry a piece of black Tourmaline. This is mainly to protect us though it also begins the process of cleansing the stones. Upon returning to our vehicle we wrap the stones in silk with a geode; the geode cleanses the stones and is also self cleaning while the silk protects it from further energy absorption. At the next new moon they are cleansed with sage smoke. Although we are basically good people you may not want all the energy that we may inadvertently put into these stones . Also we, of course, cannot guarantee that they will not absorb unwanted energies from other people while at craft fairs. Therefore we suggest that you cleanse and charge them in your own way and to your own purpose.
    AGATE-BLUE LACE-promotes courage/self-confidence, aids self expression, calms

    AMETHYST-calms mind, aids meditation, aids consciousness altering, enhances psychic abilities and intuition, encourages prophetic dreams, strengthens divination tools, protects from negative magick

    AVENTURINE-lightens mood, aids creativity, brings adventure in love and travel, increases business and finance, opens heart to others, releases emotional pain

    CARNELIAN-especially healing for women's issues, aids energy flow, promotes acceptance of sensual nature, may increase sex drive, promotes body's natural healing

    CITRINE-cleanses emotional body, promotes artistic and other inspiration and ideas, aids mental clarity, cures winter blues

    CORAL-aids women in all aspects during birthing experience, aids new babies entrance into incarnation, aids bonding, combats depression

    FLOURITE-GREEN-cleanses aura, cuts off negative emotional ties, aids assimilation of ideas, aids in affirmation, visualization and meditation, aids communication with nature spirits
    PURPLE-access to spiritual levels, aids assimilation of spiritual knowledge, aids meditation and psychic development

    GARNET-grounding for those who tend to be spacey, deflects negativity and negative magick, fortifies aura with positive, promotes commitment to one's higher purpose, increases sexual energy

    HEMATITE-calms mind and emotions, repels negative, increases personal magnetism, promotes favorable conclusion to legal matters, promotes peace and non-aggression, slows menstrual flow

    HOWLITE-reveals delusion and illusion, aids in creating and dissolving masks, helps to keep masks in line with personal reality and beliefs, aids expanding consciousness

    IOLITE-enhances accuracy and memory of dreams and visions, opens and expands psychic abilities in a gentle way, protects during psychic exploration, enhances curiosity and achievement

    JADE-abundance, good luck, increase sensitivity to surroundings, aids in business deals, improves all healing processes, aids astral travel, soothes emotions

    JASPER-LEOPARDSKIN-heals aura after trauma, filters out negative mass consciousness, steers mind from harmful thought, encourages practical skills to accomplish goals
    PICTURE-aids psychic abilities, aids visualization, inspires artists, improves artistic ability
    RED-heals women's anger at men in general, help balance sexuality with feeling, mentally energizing, adds energy to spells, repels magickal attack

    LABRADORITE-aids polarity shift between levels of consciousness, brings awareness of latent abilities, aids in discovering new solutions and opportunities, protect and cleanse aura, aids visualization

    LAPIS LAZULI-aids other world communication, calms mind, aids consciousness altering, changes negative to positive, removes deep level trauma and stress

    MALACHITE-physical and spiritual protection, draws out imbalances and toxins from body and soul, cures depression, promotes relaxation, aids business success, protects travelers

    MOONSTONE-aids with women's issues, releases stress, eases energy flow, increases intuition and creativity, protects travelers, regulates menstrual and fertility cycles, aids in menopause, aids consciousness altering and astral travel, enhances ritual, heals astral body

    MOTHER OF PEARL-calms friction, helps one flow with life, engenders sense of security, enhances immune system

    OBSIDIAN-BLACK-creates energetic boundary, bring hidden stress and trauma to surface for release, aids past life and ancestor memory meditation
    MAHOGANY-promotes positive activism, prevents burnout and discouragement, aids otherworld communication

    ONYX-BLACK-dark moon ritual, aids in life changes, increases awareness of subconscious forces, aids in past life memory, aids in divination, repels negative

    PEARL-symbolizes mystic center and hidden wisdom, increases emotional tolerance and flexibility, regulates all energy flow, surrounds and dissolves negative energy with light, fills aura with healing light

    QUARTZ-CLEAR-amplifies focused conscious intent, programmable for any purpose, enhances meditation, calms mind
    MILKY-radiates cool, quiet energy to aura, mind and emotions, blends and purifies surrounding energies, aids flow of fluids and energies
    ROSE-promotes harmony and peace, raises self-esteem, releases stress and trauma, calms fiery energy, aids relaxation in meditation, aids us in seeing our own divinity
    SMOKEY-breaks up subconscious blocks, calms thought process, aids quiet contemplation, heals fear and depression

    RHODONITE-inspires courage and self-confidence, aids life changes and other transitions, assists at achieving highest potential, promotes maturity in relationships, aids in distinguishing real from fantasy,

    SODALITE-unites soul and spirit, aids communication/expression, encourages psychic visions, encourages acceptance of newly discovered psychic abilities, soothes and heals central nervous system

    TIGER EYE-GOLDEN-reveals truth in any situation, encourages self-confidence, protects from psychic attack, returns negative magick to sender, protects travelers
    RED-aids manifesting of material needs, draws earth energy to chakra system, balances energy flow, drains off excess energy

    TURQUOISE-physical protection, mental relaxant, aids communication/expression, aids other world communication, removes toxins and pollutants, enhances immune systum, enhances creativity.